Lodge Studio 2 Hour Experience

Up to three songs, 1 person, 2 hours in the studio
Price: £80.00
Price / kg:
  • Two hours in the Lodge with a professional engineer
  • Record up to three songs
  • Choose from thousands of backing tracks
  • Your vocal tuned and processed to sound like a pro
  • Finished track emailed to you or on a CD

When you purchase the experience, we will send you a Studio Experience Voucher and information on how to get to The Lodge, where to park and how to request your backing track.

Our engineer will show you around and set you up with some headphones in the vocal booth. Once you've settled in, you can run through the song a few times to get warmed up. When you're ready, the engineer will record you, usually a few times. You'll then be invited to sit with the engineer while he chooses your best performance and tweaks any notes that are out of tune. Your track will then be mixed down, and once you're happy, we'll make you a CD or email straight to you.

The Lodge Recording Studio

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