Tracking Sessions

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Recording-only package - £200 per 10 hour day.

Want to mix at home but lack the space, microphones and equipment to get a good recording? As well as a good set of mics, we supply a variety of quality keyboards, instruments and amps that the studio and the engineers themselves have collected over the years.

Instruments include Fender Stratocaster Mexico Custom,  Fender Precision bass, Mini Moog,

Amps include Marshall JCM 900 Orange Crunch + 4 x 12, Laney

Coming soon: bounce to Studer A800 24 track tape!

Lodge Tracking Session | 200 GBP

Full Band

Set up for full band recording

Recording and Mixing - £250 per 10 hour day

If you're a band looking to record a single, E.P, or full album, The Lodge is the place to come. 

At The Lodge Recording Studio you will find talented people with experience, skills, creative imagination and brains, plus all the gear you are likely to ever need to get the best possible results recording a full album for release. The Studios give large discounts to unsigned bands, small independent labels and young bands still at school.

We have built our reputation recording bands - it is what we understand and do best. We are constantly improving our facilities and The Lodge gives you unbeatable value for money.

Lodge Full Session | 250 GBP

Cubase Training

steinberg-cubase-8.5One-to-one training sessions in Cubase with Max Read at the Lodge - or I can come to you. Topics covered range from beginners to advanced and each tuition session can be tailored to cover specific areas of interest, eg. vocal recording, midi sequencing and virtual instruments, live recording - whatever you want to learn about.

I can also advise on how to set up your home studio to get the best results including how to acoustically enhance your room.




Vocal Sessions

Vocal SessionsBring your own backing track to the Studio, or we can download pretty well any backing track when you arrive.  Our engineers will help you get a good performance and can then mix and process your voice to get a professional result. "Auto-tune" type software is also available for those who want it.

Charged hourly - see the rates page.

Voice Overs

Voiceover (voice over) recordingThe Lodge has plenty of experience recording voiceovers and voice-to-picture, with clients ranging from Universal Pictures (The Simpsons) and The BBC (The One Show) to Barclaycard. Sessions include an experienced engineer capable of editing your material quickly and efficiently and exporting your project in the format you need.

Charged hourly - see the rates page for prices.


VoiceoverWe master everything from Bhangra to classical. Attended sessions are charged hourly. Alternatively, you can send us your tracks via the net and we charge per track. We can master onto 1/4 inch tape through analogue, valve outboard.

Coming soon: Bounce your mutitracks to 24-Track tape and back or mix from tape on our analogue desk! Mix from tape and master onto 1/4" tape!

Tape Transfers

Reel to reel tape transfersGot some old tapes that you'd like to listen to? The Lodge has 24 Track 2 inch and 1/4 inch reel to reel tape machines and we can transfer your material to digital format. Call for prices.



20ft High Live Room

The live room in Studio 1 - two storeys high for world-class drum sounds.

Roland VPiano

Yamaha G3 Grand Piano

The Lodge has a beautifully maintained Grand Piano. Have a listen.

Roy Mayorga at The Lodge Recording Studio

World Class drummer..

"The best drum sound I've had in any studio for a while", Roy Mayorga - Soulfly, Stone Sour, Amebix

The Enid and the CBSO in concert

The Enid

The Lodge is proud to have created the new Enid album, Invicta, that reached the top 10 in the 2012 Guardian Reader's Poll