Max Read

Max Read - Engineer at The Lodge Recording Studio

Max has been the cheif engineer at The Lodge since 1992. With a bucket load of experience, Max has worked with artists of all genres, from Pop to Classical. 

Clients include Zodiac Mindwarp, The Moons, and EMA nominees The Arbitors and cult band The Enid. As well as audio work for corporations such as Audi, and surround sound for SEGA video games, Max has engineered audio for cartoon The Simpsons, including Northampton born writer-poet Alan Moore's (Watchmen/V for Vendetta/From Hell) appearance.

His professionalism extends beyond the studio environment, engineering all technical aspects for the globally touring band, The Enid. 


20ft High Live Room

The live room in Studio 1 - two storeys high for world-class drum sounds.

Roland VPiano

Yamaha G3 Grand Piano

The Lodge has a beautifully maintained Grand Piano. Have a listen.

Roy Mayorga at The Lodge Recording Studio

World Class drummer..

"The best drum sound I've had in any studio for a while", Roy Mayorga - Soulfly, Stone Sour, Amebix

The Enid and the CBSO in concert

The Enid

The Lodge is proud to have created the new Enid album, Invicta, that reached the top 10 in the 2012 Guardian Reader's Poll