Terms and Conditions


All payments are normally required to be made at the end of each session in cash or by card unless otherwise agreed in advance. A session means one or more days of consecutive recording. Six
working days are required for clearance of cheques except when supported by a valid bankers guarantee card or when the cheque is a banker’s draft. In the case of bookings of over four days,
The Lodge reserves the right to ask for an interim payment equal to 50% of the anticipated final account at any time during the sessions. A deposit of not less than 20% of the booked time will
normally be required to confirm a booking. In the event of non-payment in accordance with agreed terms, The Lodge Recording Studio reserves the right to withdraw any concessions and discounts
offered and to re-invoice our client at the full standard commercial hourly rate plus daily interest calculated at 30% APR.


Bookings will be charged from the start time booked. Studio time charges are calculated on quarter hour slots and any part thereof. Time charged includes setup time, recording and mixing, digital
editing, data backup and CDR/DVD burning. It does not extend to get-out provided that the get-out does not exceed 20 mins. Otherwise an appropriate charge will be applied based upon the hourly rate
pertaining to the session. The minimum time that can be booked for a session is normally 2 hours.


Sometime sessions overrun. If The Lodge in its absolute discretion feels that the studio engineer on the day ought to have been able to finish the work within the allotted time, no overtime charge will be
applied. Otherwise bookings quoted on an hourly rate basis will subject to an overtime charge. Clients will be given prior warning of any intention to apply overtime as soon as it becomes clear that more
time is needed. Overtime is calculated one and one half times the calculated hourly rate. Ex: - A ten hour day costing £200 is equivalent to £20 per hour. Two hours overtime is calculated as (2 x £20 x
1.5) = £60.


Our discount rates are available only to non commercial concerns. I.e. unsigned bands, small record labels and bona fide charities. The Lodge reserves the right to amend any invoices accordingly if a
client has failed to disclose that they are a business or commercial concern at the time of booking or has sought in any other way to obtain a discount rate by deception. Special daily sessions that cease
early will not be subject to any relief or refund for unused time.


All master recordings and multi-track media including the copyright in the performances embodied therein are deemed to be the property of The Lodge Studio until all payments due are discharged in
full. Such media will normally be retained by The Lodge Studio until full settlement is made. Unless specifically agreed in writing, The Lodge does not guarantee to retain clients' work on the studio servers
after a project is completed or where no further studio time is booked. It is strongly advised that clients have DVD verified masters of any work carried out.


Time can only be deducted for technical breakdowns of the studio’s own equipment.


The engineer is entitled to a break equivalent to five minutes per hour. This break time whether taken hourly or in aggregate is not deemed to be a stoppage. All other breaks for refreshment and sustenance will be counted as a stoppage provided that the studio is vacated by the client/artiste.



Deposits on bookings of more than four days will not normally be refunded but may be held over in the event of a postponement.
All other deposits will only be refunded at the discretion of The Lodge. Where cancellation occurs twenty one days or more prior to the date of a booking and the total time booked does not exceed four days, a full or partial refund is usually made.


Accommodation is offered privately in the home of the proprietors as a courtesy at the proprietors’ discretion.
The offer of accommodation is extended to those persons directly connected with the recording sessions only. We are not able to cater for or accommodate family and friends of the recording artists etc - For reasons of security it is not permissible to invite friends and visitors into the residential areas of The Lodge.


The Lodge Studio will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage pertaining to the personal property of clients except where it is clearly the fault of The Lodge Studio.


Smoking is only permitted on the roof garden.


The staff at The Lodge will always try to be polite and helpful and they expect the same consideration in return. The Lodge Studio reserves the right to terminate a recording session without prejudice to
any of the aforementioned in the event of any violent or abusive conduct directed towards the staff and/or the property of The Lodge Recording Studio by any persons present in connection with a
recording session/booking whether they be the recording artiste(s) or their associates and to hold our client liable for all and any resulting damages. All expressions (including in lyrics) of racism, religious hatred, homophobia or any other form of bigotry are not tolerated.


Accommodation is freely available to anybody living outside of town who books more than a day and needs to stay over in between sessions.



20ft High Live Room

The live room in Studio 1 - two storeys high for world-class drum sounds.

Roland VPiano

Yamaha G3 Grand Piano

The Lodge has a beautifully maintained Grand Piano. Have a listen.

Roy Mayorga at The Lodge Recording Studio

World Class drummer..

"The best drum sound I've had in any studio for a while", Roy Mayorga - Soulfly, Stone Sour, Amebix

The Enid and the CBSO in concert

The Enid

The Lodge is proud to have created the new Enid album, Invicta, that reached the top 10 in the 2012 Guardian Reader's Poll