Studio One

The Lodge Recording Studio - Studio 1

Studio One features a massive vintage Cadac analogue mixing desk.

A Vintage Cadac of this era is probably the best recording console ever made. In its day, it was also the most expensive to produce. Now, they rarely come onto the market and are much sought after.

The large live room, the vintage desk and state-of-the-art Apogee digital converters are features you might expect from a studio charging many times more than The Lodge.


The CADAC in The Lodge was originally commissioned in 1976 and installed at the legendary Battery Studios in North London where it was used to record some of the greatest recordings of the day (The Sex Pistols, The Police, Queen, The Who, Def Leppard and Duran Duran).

Live Room 1

The Lodge Recording Studio - Live Room One

Two stories high for world class drum sounds

A wonderful place to spend your day. Plenty of room and superb acoustics from the mixture of stone and wood surfaces.

There's also a dead room for recording vocals or guitar amps during live recordings.

Studio Two

The Lodge Recording Studio - Studio 2

Studio Two - a perfect environment to create the perfect mix.

The Yamaha digital desk features 24 moving faders, making mixing a lot more fun. Monitoring is through wonderful sounding Tannoy Super Reds.

Free Accommodation

The Lodge accommodation is situated in the large, sprawling studio buildings.

Clean and comfortable, visitors should expect an environment similar to that of a youth hostel. In our experience, it suits bands who get on well and enjoy each other's company. 

  • Sleeps a maximum of 6 people (3 bunk beds)
  • Shower facilities
  • Kitchen



20ft High Live Room

The live room in Studio 1 - two storeys high for world-class drum sounds.

Roland VPiano

Yamaha G3 Grand Piano

The Lodge has a beautifully maintained Grand Piano. Have a listen.

Roy Mayorga at The Lodge Recording Studio

World Class drummer..

"The best drum sound I've had in any studio for a while", Roy Mayorga - Soulfly, Stone Sour, Amebix

The Enid and the CBSO in concert

The Enid

The Lodge is proud to have created the new Enid album, Invicta, that reached the top 10 in the 2012 Guardian Reader's Poll